Quinn Feldman is a Los Angeles based cinematographer.  A former pro skater, he has been in front and behind the camera for years.  He owned and operated his own skate company, shooting and producing dozens of hours of content.  Quinn has always been interested in telling stories.  He has a natural eye for cinematography that was noticed by academy award winning cinematographer Janusz Kaminski after he had seen a corporate video which Quinn had done.  He then invited Quinn to work on his crew. Since then Quinn has shot Documentaries, short films, music videos, live events, commercials, Virtual Reality, and is shooting his first two features this year. 

Quinn is a passionate and hardworking cinematographer who loves to collaborate in bringing stories and ideas to life. He believes that a good cinematographer is there to serve the director and work with him or her to find the right way to tell the story.   He is knowledgeable about shooting with a wide variety of formats & cameras and is a certified Ablecine Phantom tech. He also is familiar in shooting VR.  Regardless of the project, Quinn always has a unique and beautiful way with his lighting, movement and composition. 

 "There's no one way to tell a story. You have to be able to adapt and find the right visual language for each project you take on."

"I love that we have film, digital, and now VR. However, in the end of the day the story always dictates the format & style."

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