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You'll catch Quinn popping up on Kodak's Instagram a lot shooting some format of film. He's been to numerous festivals and all that jazz and writing about himself in the 3rd person feels weird so.

I'm Lucky!!

I get to do something I love for a living. That's the most important reason why I'm a cinematographer. I got really lucky and met the world renown cinematographer Janusz Kaminski. I got to work for him for 3 1/2 years. So that was a helpful education. I'm very knowledgable in Digital, High speed, VR, and of course all Analog formats except IMAX 15 Perf. But soon...

In my off time I'm usually shooting photos, shooting passion projects with short ends of film. Biking up and down the coast surfing, skating, playing beach volleyball. And cooking.

"For me when I tell a story I don't want people to notice my cinematography. I just want them to feel it." -Probably a lot of cinematographers

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