Quinn Feldman
Cell: (818) 522-7098

Directors (partial List)

Andre Muir, Courtney Philips, Micaiah Carter, Se Oh, Mahaneela, Christelle De Castro, Damien Blue, 

Peter Ash Lee, David OD, Jacob Hilbert, Liz Goldwyn, Isiah Blake, Zachary Richter, Ann Shin, Rosco Gurrero, 

Janusz Kaminski, Felicity Jayn Heath, Logan Fields, Henry Behel, Darrin Bush, Trent Rohner, Tim White

Royal & The Serpent, David Camarena, Emma Menzies, Conner Sorenson, Constantine Papanicolaou,  Randy Feldman

Commercials (Partial List)

amazon, NIKE, Ford, Coach, Olay, Boot Barn, Pepsi, Doritos, Visa, 

Toyota, Healthline, Bulova,Total Beauty, PCG, Cadillac, Hat Club, Wonderland,

 Mountain Dew, Burger King



Know Your Enemy (Alexa Mini, Cooke S4i)


The Escort (Sony F55)

A Children’s Song (Alexa Plus)


Voices (Super 16)

That Summer of 2020 (4 perf 35mm Anamorphic, super 16, Ektachrome 16)

Maryann Chavez (Super 16)

Gracious Colombia (Super 8)

Beautiful's Future (4 perf, 3 perf  35mm, Super 16, Super 8)

Music & Technology The Verge ( C100, A7S ii, L Series)

Beyond Expectation (5D markiii, L Series)

Nikon's Broken Night 'The Making Of' (Nikon D800, every Nikon lens ever)

Music Video (Partial List)

Coi Leray LIVE - Alexa Mini, Mini DV, A7Riii, iPhone 12 / Ultra Primes, Optex 4mm, Angenieux 38-120mm

Jake Wesley Rogers - PLUTO (RED Helium, Lomo Standards, Hawk Vintage 74 1.3x anamorphic)

AI Bendr - The Deep (Amira, Black Magic Pocket camera/B Speeds 

Jake Wesley Rogers - Weddings & Funerals (Alexa mini, S16, Bolex, SR3 HD Tap, 16mm film out / Speed Panchros, Cooke Varitol 20-100, Switars, Angenieux 17-80)

REZZ feat Dove Cameron - Taste Of You (Alexa mini, Masterbuild Portraits)

KN - Liar (RED Komodo, Canon K35s, Canon FDs)

Troye Sivan (Alexa SXT/Canon K35s)

Yung Baby Tate - I am (Alexa mini/Primo Zooms, Pvintage)

Benny Mayne - Hardest (Alexa Plus, Alexa Classic, Ursa/ Lomo Super Speeds, Zeiss 21-100, Canon 8-15mm Fisheye 

Garzi - Paranoia (Black Magic Ursa, Black Magic pocket, Mini DV/Xeen primes Canon zooms)

Royal & The Serpent - I Can't Get High (Super 16, Bolex / Optex 4mm, Canon 8-64mm, Switar 16mm)

Trey Songz - Circles (Alexa LF, RED Komodo, Super 16, Bolex / Meru Anamorphics, Speed Panchros, Angeneuix Zooms)

Royal & The Serpent - Overwhelmed (Super 16, Canon 8-64mm Zoom)

Whipped Cream Feat Josiah (Alexa Mini / Meru Anamorphics, Cooke Zooms)

Whipped Cream Feat Lil Keed (Alexa Mini / Meru Anamorphic, Elite Anamorphic)

Young Franco Feat Pell - Juice (Alexa Mini /  Primos, Panavision 200mm Macro)

Zachary Knowles - Cherry Wine (Alexa Mini / Hawk Vintage 74  1.3X anamorphics)

Icon the great - (Super 16 / Laowa Probe, Cooke 10.5-60,  Atlas Anamorphic, Hawk V-lite 1.3x anamorphic, Super Baltar)

Jack B - Old Friend (Super 16 / Cooke 10.5-60mm Zoom)

City James - Must be Love (Super 16 anamorphic / AS Panavision 1.6x anamorphic)

Rod Wave Feat Lil Durk - Heart on Ice (Alexa mini, Super 8/Cooke Pancros, Cooke Varitol Zoom)

SOB X RBE - (4 Perf 35mm, Super 16, Super 8 / Cooke S4i, Angeneuix (7-82mm), Century 6mm)

Cupcake - Cupcake (Alexa Mini/Cooke Anamorphic SF)

Queen Key - RBA (Alexa mini, 4 Perf 35mm, VHS Cam/Cooke Anamorphic SF)

Young Mal - Numbers (Alexa Classic/Super speed Markii)

Lil Gottit (Alexa Plus/Super Speed Markii)

Snoop Dogg - Toss it (RED/Todd AO anamorphic)

The Foreigners - I Want You (Super 16, RED/Super speeds, Ultra primes)

Mike Wallz - Summertime in the Winter (Super 16/Angenieux Vintage Zoom)

Dawn Richard – Not Above That (RED/Cooke S4i)

Dawn Richard - LA (RED/Ultra Primes)

Dawn Richard - Lazarus (Alexa Mini/Angenieux Optimo)

DJ Scout – No Urgency (RED/Cooke Mini S4i)

DJ Scout – Fighting the Sickness (RED/Cooke Mini S4i)

Austin Mahone – All I Ever Need, (RED/CP2)

Esty – Lovehorn (RED/Lomo Anamorphic)

The WAV – Love Games (RED/Leica Rs),

Prod Companies (partial List)

SMUGGLER, North of Now, Mad Ruk, London Alley,  Fanciful Fox, 

Independent Media, Dreambear, The Preative, The Production Hub,

Lola, Ground work, VICE Media, Catcher Creative, Echobend, Famous After Death

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