Greyson Chance - My Dying Spirit (super 16 Anamorphic)

Conan Gray - Yours (3 perf 35mm)

Windser - Memory (3 perf 35mm anamorphic)

Hermanos Gutierrez - Sonido Cósmico

Dan Auerbach - "Whispered Words (Pretty Lies)" (Venice 2 Panavision anamorphic)

Coyote ft Symba - Out Da Mud (2 Perf 35mm)

Jake Wesley Rogers - Weddings & Funerals (Alexa SXT film out to 50D 7203)

Troye Sivan, Regard, Tate McRae - You (Alexa SXT)

City James Feat Blxst - Must Be Love  (super 16 anamorphic)

Yung Baby Tate Feat Flo Mili - I AM (Alexa Mini)

Larry June - I'll Make Time (Super 16)

kaitlyn nicole - Liar (RED Komodo)

Rod Wave Feat. Lil Durk - Heart on Ice (Alexa Mini + super 8)

Young Franco Feat. Pell - Juice (Alexa Mini)

Jack Be - Old Friend (super 16)

Zachary Knowles - Cherry Wine (alexa mini)

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